Yellowstone Season 5 on Hold: What’s Behind the Production Delays and Kevin Costner’s Rumored Exit

Yellowstone, the immensely popular Paramount network drama starring Kevin Costner, is one of the most-watched shows on cable TV. However, fans have been left concerned and confused after season 5 was put on hold unexpectedly. Rumors have also circulated about Kevin Costner’s potential exit from the show. Here’s a detailed look at what’s behind the production delays and Costner’s rumored departure.

Why Has Production on Yellowstone Season 5 Been Delayed?

Production on the highly anticipated fifth season of Yellowstone was originally slated to begin filming in May 2022. However, in March it was announced that filming would be pushed back to late summer due to “scheduling conflicts” with Costner.

The exact reasons for the delays haven’t been made explicitly clear. Costner was reportedly given permission by Paramount to film his upcoming four-part western epic Horizon during a window that was originally reserved for Yellowstone filming. Some reports indicate there could be some tension between Costner and the studio around the show’s production schedule.

Is Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone? Rumors Explained

The production delays have fueled online speculation that Kevin Costner could be on the way out of the smash-hit show. Some fans feared Costner was reducing his involvement in Yellowstone to focus on Horizon and even possibly exit the show entirely.

However, representatives for Costner have shut down the rumors that he’s leaving the show. They reiterated that Costner remains very much dedicated to Yellowstone and his lead role as John Dutton.

Sources close to the series indicate that Costner isn’t looking to exit, but is hoping to lighten his work schedule on Yellowstone going forward. At 68 years old, Costner reportedly wants more time off to pursue other projects. There’s a possibility that his role could be slightly reduced in the future, but complete departure seems very unlikely at this stage.

What Will Season 5 of Yellowstone Be About?

Not much is yet known about specific plot details of Yellowstone season 5. The fourth season ended on a major cliffhanger with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton finally becoming governor of Montana. This will likely open up new storylines around power struggles and keeping his ranching empire in check.

Based on hints from the cast and creator Taylor Sheridan, season 5 looks set to see more exploration of Jamie Dutton being manipulated by his birth father Garrett. Beth and Rip’s relationship will also presumably be further developed after their wedding. Kayce Dutton could continue dealing with visions predicting his death.

Sheridan has teased that the forces aligning against the Duttons will require them to engage in more “difficult compromises” to survive in season 5. Fans can likely expect a continuation of the high-stakes family drama mixed with political intrigue.

When Will Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere?

As of now, an exact premiere date for Yellowstone season 5 hasn’t been set. The substantial production delays mean the new season will almost certainly not be ready to air in its typical fall time slot.

Some sources indicate we may see the show return in November 2023 or even early 2024 depending on how filming schedules progress. This would mean a much longer wait than usual for fans hungry for new episodes.

Paramount has not made any official announcements about a premiere date yet. Once filming is underway in late summer, a better timeline for Yellowstone’s season 5 release should come into focus.

FAQs About Yellowstone Season 5 Delays and Rumors

Q: Will there be a season 5 of Yellowstone?

Yes, Yellowstone is definitely returning for season 5 despite the production delays. The show continues to be a major hit for Paramount Network.

Q: Is Kevin Costner leaving the show for good?

No, Costner is expected to remain in the lead role of John Dutton for season 5, despite rumors swirling about him exiting the show. His involvement may be slightly reduced going forward.

Q: Has Paramount made any statement about the delays?

Paramount has not issued an official explanation for the filming delays. They simply stated there were “scheduling conflicts” that required pushing filming to summer 2022.

Q: How many episodes will there be in season 5?

The episode count hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the past four seasons have all consisted of 10 episodes each, so season 5 will likely follow the same format.

Q: Will the show switch networks for season 5?

There have been no indications that Yellowstone will switch from airing on Paramount Network for the upcoming fifth season.

Q: Is Kelly Reilly leaving Yellowstone?

No, despite rumors, Kelly Reilly is not leaving her role as Beth Dutton. The actress confirmed she will be returning for season 5.

Q: Will Yellowstone get cancelled before season 5?

It’s extremely unlikely Yellowstone will get cancelled before season 5. It continues to see huge ratings success and has already been renewed by Paramount.

Q: Who are the new cast members joining season 5?

No new cast members have been announced yet. It’s likely though that Kathryn Kelly and Kylie Rogers will return in their roles as Emily and young Beth Dutton.

The Final Word on Yellowstone Season 5

The delay in production on Yellowstone season 5 has been an unexpected hurdle for both eager fans and the show’s cast and crew. However, viewers can rest assured that new episodes will eventually arrive, albeit on a less certain timetable.

Kevin Costner remains committed to the series that has become a jewel in Paramount’s lineup. Look for John Dutton’s challenges as Montana’s governor and patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch to continue playing out in gripping fashion when season 5 does premiere.

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