Trump's election indictment doesn't name his alleged co-conspirators. These are most likely who they are.

1.The election indictment against Trump raised eyebrows as it refrained from identifying his alleged co-conspirators explicitly.

2. In a surprising turn, the charges filed against Trump in the election indictment omitted any mention of his alleged co-conspirators.

3. The indictment leveled against Trump for election-related offenses intriguingly left out the names of his purported co-conspirators.

4. Despite detailed accusations, the election indictment remained silent on the identities of Trump's alleged co-conspirators.

5. Legal experts questioned the election indictment's strategy of not disclosing the alleged co-conspirators associated with Trump.

6. Observers noted that the election indictment against Trump was conspicuously silent about the individuals supposedly involved as his co-conspirators.

7. The omission of alleged co-conspirators' names in the election indictment prompted speculation and further inquiry into the case against Trump.

8. As the public scrutinized the election indictment, one notable aspect was the absence of any explicit references to Trump's suspected co-conspirators.