Captain urges under-fire USA to raise game

1. "To victory, we march, let doubts be cast aside,    With steadfast resolve, we'll turn the tides."

2. "The flame within, let it burn bright,    Together we'll conquer, with all our might.

3. "In unity we stand, no challenge too tough,    Our spirits soar high, we'll never be rough."

4. "Through trials and tribulations, we'll strive,    In the face of adversity, we'll thrive."

5. "As the captain leads, we'll follow the way,    With courage and valor, we'll seize the day."

6. "Raise the banner of hope, let it fly,    United we'll soar, reaching for the sky.""

7. "From the ashes, we'll rise like a flame,    Onward, under-fire USA, we'll reclaim."

8. "In the heart of battle, we'll find our aim,    Captain urges, our spirits to reclaim."