Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s Favorite Hobbies and Activities

Marjorie and Steve Harvey are one of the most well-known married couples in the entertainment industry. Though busy with their careers, they still make time for hobbies and activities they enjoy together and separately. Here is an overview of some of Marjorie and Steve’s favorite pastimes when they want to relax and have fun.

Marjorie’s Hobbies

Marjorie is an entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast. Some of her favorite hobbies align with these interests.

Fashion Design

Marjorie loves fashion and sometimes designs clothes for herself and her family. She finds the process of sketching designs and picking fabrics therapeutic. Marjorie also occasionally works with young fashion designers by mentoring them or investing in their lines.

Cooking and Baking

In her downtime, Marjorie enjoys being in the kitchen whipping up dishes from her native Jamaica or trying new recipes. Baking relaxes her, and she often makes cakes and pies from scratch for her family.


Marjorie is an avid reader who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book. Some of her favorite genres are historical fiction novels, biographies of influential women, and self-help books. Reading allows Marjorie to unwind and also sparks inspiration.

Planning Parties

Marjorie has a lot of experience planning elaborate parties for family and charity events. She enjoys the creativity of designing unique themes, making homemade decorations, and coordinating vendors and catering.

Steve’s Hobbies

Steve Harvey is a comedian, TV show host, and author. His hobbies provide a balance from his busy career.


Golf is Steve’s favorite hobby, and he plays at least once a week when he can. He enjoys golfing with friends and participates annually in several celebrity tournaments. Steve finds that being on the golf course allows him to relax and take his mind off work.


Steve and Marjorie both love to travel, whether on exotic vacations or weekend road trips. Exploring new places provides inspiration for Steve’s comedy and television shows. Some of his favorite destinations include Italy, Hawaii, and ski resorts.

Cigar Collecting

Steve enjoys collecting rare, expensive cigars and lighting them up while relaxing in the evenings. He stores his cigar collection in a humidor room in his house. Steve’s appreciation of cigars led him to launch his own brand called Steve Harvey Select.


Like Marjorie, Steve enjoys reading, especially non-fiction titles about history, business, and self-improvement. He also likes to read spiritual and religious books. Steve shares that reading nourishes his mind.

Hobbies They Enjoy Together

Though Marjorie and Steve have some separate interests, they also have hobbies they’ve come to enjoy together as a couple.


One of Marjorie and Steve’s favorite shared activities is traveling. They enjoy taking exotic trips together as well as weekend getaways to recharge. Some of their favorite destinations include Italy, Paris, and Hawaii.

Playing Cards

The couple likes playing cards together, especially spades and bid whist. They are both competitive, so they enjoy the challenge of cards. Playing games allows them to spend quality time together.


Marjorie and Steve work out together at home or in the gym several times a week. They motivate each other to stay in shape. Some of their favorite joint activities include weightlifting, running, cycling, and swimming.

Horseback Riding

One unique hobby Marjorie and Steve do together is horseback riding. They occasionally visit ranches where they can ride horses, which they both enjoy. Being around the animals is therapeutic for the couple.


Marjorie and Steve bond over cooking together in the kitchen. Steve has said he enjoys watching Marjorie cook and that he is learning from her. They have fun trying out new recipes together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Their Hobbies

Here are answers to some common questions about Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s favorite hobbies.

How did Marjorie and Steve meet?

Marjorie and Steve met in 1990 when she attended a Memphis comedy club where Steve was performing. They started out as friends and grew closer over time before officially dating.

What are some of Marjorie’s cooking specialties?

Some of Marjorie’s best dishes are Jamaican fare like jerk chicken, oxtail, rice and peas, and fried plantains. She also bakes amazing cakes and cookies from scratch.

What is Steve’s handicap in golf?

Steve reportedly has a golf handicap of around 6. This means he regularly shoots around 6 strokes over par. He’s an experienced player with a lot of skill.

Where do Marjorie and Steve like to vacation?

Some of their favorite vacation destinations are Hawaii, Italy, Paris, and Jamaica. They also enjoy skiing in places like Vail, Colorado.

What kind of books does Marjorie enjoy reading?

Marjorie likes historical fiction, biographies of influential women, self-help books, and the Bible. Some of her favorite authors are Diana Gabaldon, Michelle Obama, Joyce Meyer, and TD Jakes.

Has Steve ever done comedy about Marjorie?

Yes, Steve has incorporated humorous stories about his relationship with Marjorie into his standup comedy routines. However, he is always respectful and doesn’t share private stories.

What designer does Marjorie most like to wear?

Marjorie is a fan of many designers like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. She’s known for her glamorous, colorful outfits and stylish shoes and handbags.

Where did Steve learn to play golf?

Steve taught himself golf. He got interested in the sport as an adult in the late 1990s. Though self-taught, he has developed an impressive swing and handicap.

What kind of cigars does Steve collect?

Steve enjoys premium handmade cigars from Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Some brands he likes are Cohiba, Montecristo, Padrón, Romeo y Julieta, and Arturo Fuente.

I hope this article provides a comprehensive overview of Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s favorite hobbies and activities! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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